Visual-plus-Alarm Features
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  • Failsafe feature allows an operational self check everytime you open the door.

  • Incorporates the same simple and reliable visual features and options of the ADI-69-V Series with the addition of Audible & Visible Alarms.

  • The ADI-69 Series unique, US & Foreign Patented design indicates the actual directional airflow.

  • This device is sensitive enough to detect the pressure change caused by the opening and closing of the door!

  •  An integral adjustable time delay relay (0-60 seconds) obviates false alarms that otherwise would occur under transient conditions. 

  • Single 120VAC source with plug-in Industrial Components.  External transformers are not necessary!

  • An integral set of Form C contacts rated at 2.5A @ 120VAC are included to allow for remote alarm monitoring and DDC interface.

  • Expected life exceeds 200,000 cycles. An example would be opening & closing a door 27 times per day, every day for 20 years !

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Airflow Direction Incorporated

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