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Controller   (size: 5.25"H x 8.5"W x 5.5"D)

The ADI-69-V+A Series use a pre-wired controller that interfaces with the PhotoModule and local annunciator through pre-wired 25 ft telephone cables with RJ11 jacks. The controller incorporates the power supply for the unit and an integral time delay relay (0-60seconds adjustable) that allows transient conditions such as opening the door. The unit incorporates a normally open and normally closed set of contacts for interface to remote monitoring systems and controls. The controller typically mounts in the corridor ceiling, above the door being monitored. The unit only requires 115VAC with a local service switch. The built in power supply steps it down to 24Volts for safety purposes.

PhotoModule   (size: 6.5"H x 5.5"W x 3.25"D)

Same principle as the Visual Only Unit with the added feature of a Photoeye alarm! You can still see the ball in the tube, hence visual indication. In addition, the ADI-69-V+A-series uses a pre-wired RJ11 jack for the photoeye interface. The eye is an industrial grade (not commercial grade) and is adjustable for sensitivity. Again, the best part about this unit is you can still see the position of the ball yourself!

PhotoModule with Optional
Inside Security Plate 

This setup is the same as the standard photomodule configuration, except with an inside security plate.  The plate is used in prisons, healthcare psychiatric rooms and other secure applications.   This view gives a good look at the configuration of the photoeye relative to the ball & tube.  Again, the nice feature of this is you can still see the ball in action! 




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