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Model ADI-69-V+A Series

  • Model ADI-69-V+A-NEG  for Negative Pressure Room*

  • Model ADI-69-V+A-POS  for Positive Pressure Room*

* includes the "Basic Local Annunciator without Test & Mute Function" shown in the photo.  For the alarm unit that has the Mute & Test function in the local annunciator, specify model ADI-69-V+A-NEG-MUTE & TEST or ADI-69-V+A-POS-MUTE & TEST. See the next pages for the two types of local annunciators. 


The ADI-69-V+A-NEG (negative pressure room) and the ADI-69-V+A-P
OS (positive pressure room) unit are the same as the visual units and all of their features with the added feature of an alarm. A photoeye senses the presence of the ball. Just like the staff observing the position of the ball, the photoeye also observe the position of the ball.  The photomodule is typically located on the corridor or anteroom side of the wall.

In the photo shown, the PhotoEye Module is shown on the left, the controller is in the middle and the basic local annunciator (without test & mute) is to the right. The pre-wired 25 foot telephone cords are used to connect the PhotoEye module and the local annunciator to the controller.

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