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This is the back side of the Remote Annunciator. 

On the right is the Horn/Mute/Test Module

On the left is the Room Alarm Module with auxiliary relay contacts for house interface to DDC/BAS system.  

On the back of the Horn/Mute/Test Module is a terminal block for the built-in General Alarm Relay.  This is used to interface to a DDC/BAS system to indicate the panel is in alarm.  Typically this is used in lieu of providing a separate DDC/BAS point for each room controller.

This is a sideways, closer look at the back of the Room Alarm Module

At the bottom of the photo is the terminal strip for the connection to each ADI room controller's normally open (NO) relay contact that will open when the room is in alarm, or power to the room controller is lost or the wires are severed. Note the jumpers that are installed for channels 6 thru 10 that are not used.

At the top of the photo is the terminal strip for the individual room-piggybacked relays used to interface to a  DDC/BAS  monitoring system. These are use in lieu of individually wiring the DDC/BAS system to each ADI room controller and instead, minimize wiring by locating a DDC/BAS panel next to the ADI Remote Multi-zone Annunciator.

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