Remote Multi-Zone Annunciators

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When there is a need to monitor more than one alarm at a remote location, ADI offers Hospital Grade Annunciators.  Available versions come in 10 zone increments, up to 60 zones in a panel.  These annunciators come with relays to allow DDC interface in addition to the interface at the local controller. 

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ADITM uses Hospital Grade Alarm Panels for their Remote Annunciators. 


The backbox is prefabricated to be recessed and includes its own power supply.


The Horn/Mute/Test Module includes the adjustable three-level piezo horn, membrane mute button and a membrane test button to see the alarms sound and light.  The unit also includes a lamp indicating power to this module is present.

The Room Pressure Status Module includes a red led for each room being monitored.  The respective lamp stays lit as long as the room is in alarm.  The module also includes a lamp indicating power to this module is present.

Each zone is wired to the normally open contacts of each local room controller.  If power to the controller is turned off or there is an alarm condition or if the wires between the remote annunciator and the local controller are severed, an alarm condition is indicated at the remote annunciator panel.

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